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Learn about SAP’s cloud solutions, designed for small and medium businesses that offer speed, predictability, and continuous innovation

    SAP Cloud Solutions

    Business Cloud Services

    Transferring or implementing an ERP to the cloud is a multi-step process that requires proper planning.

    At AGENTIL, we work with enterprise architecture applications dedicated to SAP Business One, the ERP for SMBs. To ease your transition to a digitized ERP, we accompany you with a broad and effective transformation roadmap for your business.


    AGENTIL has deployed a dedicated SAP Business One Cloud offer for SMBs. This is the Business Cloud Services (BCS) offer with a 100% “Made in Switzerland” Cloud for SAP Business One.

    Business cloud Services
    SAP Analytics cloud

    Analysis and visualization

    SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) is a business intelligence (BI) and data analysis tool developed by SAP. It allows users to collect, visualize and analyze data from a variety of sources:

    • SAP and non-SAP systems

    • Databases

    • Excel files

    • Live data

    In addition, it provides advanced data analysis, visualization and planning capabilities to make decisions based on reliable data.

    SAP Analytics Cloud offers a number of functionalities to help users understand their data, identify trends and make informed decisions.

    Data analysis

    SAP Analytics Cloud offers advanced data analysis capabilities to help users identify trends and data relationships. It includes forecasting and prediction tools.

    Data visualization

    SAP Analytics Cloud offers a variety of data visualizations with graphs, charts, maps and histograms to view data in an interactive and customized way.


    SAP Analytics Cloud enables users to collaborate in real time, improving decision making across the enterprise. It offers data sharing and commenting options to facilitate collaboration.

    Data planning

    SAP Analytics Cloud provides data planning capabilities to help users plan and budget for expenses, revenues, and resources. It includes financial, production and sales planning tools.

    Unlock your business' potential

    SAP S/4HANA Cloud is a 100% SaaS application as a modern service that enriches the next generation of intelligent data and embedded analytics applications for your entire enterprise’s data.


    Therefore, you can develop smart data applications by leveraging the scalability, speed and performance of the cloud through S/4HANA Cloud ERP.


    With the in-memory database, SAP S/4HANA Cloud gives you reliable, out-of-the-box information. They come from a single solution, while ensuring security, confidentiality and anonymization with proven reliability.

    SAP HANA Cloud

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