Business Process Automation

With Codeless Platforms’ BPA (Business Process Automation) , connect SAP Business One with the rest of the world, optimize and simplify your daily integration tasks.

    Codeless Platforms integration

    The BPA platform, developed by Codeless Platforms, allows customers to integrate SAP Business One with a multitude of other platforms and solutions, via specific or configured connectors. It is an excellent tool for customers who want to automate and industrialize their ERP integration and connect their business software to any On-Premise or Cloud application on the market.

    Improve your operational efficiency

    The BPA Platform allows you to add the following key features to your existing business applications.

    In addition, it allows you to quickly and easily create automated processes specific to your organisation through an intuitive drag-and-drop graphical user interface.

    Notifications & alerts

    Easy-to-use editor

    Multiple delivery methods

    Memory and escalation

    Report & Document automation

    Drag and drop planner
    Automate reporting tools
    Save and send

    Data integration and synchronisation

    Drag and drop experience

    Transformation functions

    Hundreds of connectors

    Workflow and human interaction

    No coding required
    Fully responsive
    Workflow permissions

    A simple automation solution

    The main advantages of codeless BPA platforms :

    Codeless Platforms integration with the Business Suite

    The BPA Codeless integration with SAP allows to automate and monitor SAP integration processes without requiring specific programming skills.

    The BPA Codeless (Business Process Automation) solutions is a visual interface based integration platform that allows business users to create and manage automated workflows, monitor their interface processes, and raise alerts in case of problems.


    After a specification of your interfaces to identify and describe your processes to be automated and configured, the integration in Codeless BPA will allow you to get the best out of the other components of the Business Suite.