SAP Business One, the dedicated ERP for SMEs

An all-in-one ERP, preconfigured, affordable and easy to use to drive your core business functions.

    Why SAP Business One for your digital transformation - ERP SAP B1
    ERP SAP Business One

    Why select SAP Business One as your ERP?

    To drive and accelerate your business growth, you need to go beyond spreadsheets and limited software.


    With SAP Business One as your ERP, you get the simplicity and efficiency of streamlined, standard processes from day one and gain visibility and control over all aspects of your business.


    An ERP for all businesses

    SAP Business One is the digital heart of small and medium businesses. This ERP allows to manage all of your company’s business functions up to hundreds of users.


    The main features of SAP Business One are:

    Start your digital transformation

    Transform your processes and management with SAP Business One’s new IT infrastructure, reinforced by digital levers.

    Analytics avec ERP SAP B1


    Technologie mobile SAP Business One

    Mobile Technology

    Big Data SAP B1

    Big Data

    Internet of Things avec SAP Business One


    ERP SAP Business One - Cloud Technologie

    Cloud Technology

    Machine Learning SAP B1

    Machine Learning

    Business Suite - Solutions and software for SME with SAP Business One

    SAP Business One, at the heart of the Business Suite

    To meet the needs of its customers, AGENTIL has developed the Business Suite, a comprehensive solution tailored to the needs of small and medium-sized businesses.
    At the heart of this ecosystem, SAP Business One ERP helps SMEs to manage their business processes efficiently and make informed decisions thanks to integrated tools.


    Combined with an adapted CRM, a simple Electronic Document Management solution, a platform for code-free application integrations and additional add-ons if required, SMEs can easily automate their business processes and support their growth.

    A SAP partner to guide and support you

    Our SAP Business One consultants are experts in helping companies address their needs and concerns in order to implement innovative and adapted solutions, using standard SAP processes but also adapting them for customization.


    We are convinced that each company is unique and should be treated as such, validating the efficiency of the processes in your organization is key!


    At AGENTIL, we have created work methods that ensure that our clients and consultants are fully invested in each specific implementation or consulting project. Agility and flexibility are our key words: if your project and your requirements evolve, so do the solutions we offer.

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    Meet an expert

    Would you like to find out more about SAP Business One? Meet one of our experts to see a demo of the solution and discuss your project.


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