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SAP Business One is a complete ERP software package, but some companies may have specific, highly specialized requirements that are not coveredby SAP Business One’s core functionality. SAP add-ons are software extensions specifically designed and 100% integrated with SAP to complement the functionality of SAP Business One. They enable you to meet your company’s specific needs, seamlessly within the software.

SAP add-ons

Use a range of SAP Business One add-ons to get an ERP system that’s fully adapted to the complexity of your business and the broad spectrum of functional coverage your VSE/SME needs. Unlock the full potential of your SAP Business One ERP system with our advanced add-ons. From optimizing production processes to enhancing logistics capabilities, our comprehensive suite of  solutions— as for example Boyum Beas Manufacturing, B1 Usability Package, and B1 Print & Delivery—fills the gaps and expands the functionality of your ERP. These powerful tools are designed to address the specific needs of your business, ensuring seamless operations and driving efficiency. Transform your SAP Business One experience and achieve unparalleled growth and productivity. 

SAP Gold Partner

With our SAP Gold Partner & SAP PCOE certification and our recognized experience in the SAP Business One and S/4HANA solutions markets, our team is here to help you succeed with your ERP strategies on a daily basis.

What’s involved?

Our SAP Business One consultants are experts in helping companies to address their needs and concerns in order to implement innovative and tailored solutions, using standard SAP processes but also adapting them for customization.

We believe that every business is unique and should be treated as such, so validating the efficiency of processes in your organization is essential!

Agility and flexibility are our watchwords: as your project and requirements evolve, so do the solutions we propose.


Warehouse management system

Boyum Produmex WMS for SAP Business One is the world’s most reliable warehouse management system for small and medium-sized businesses, an industry solution for managing inbound and outbound logistics functions and offering industry-focused functionality to help distributors and manufacturers meet customer, industry and regulatory requirements.

Boyum Produmex WMS features include :

– Inbound and outbound logistics

– Inventory management

– Barcode scanning

– End-to-end quality and traceability management

– Full GSI support

– Shelf-life management

– Flexible picking methods

– Real-time inventory and reporting

– Flexible customization

Manufacturing management software

Boyum Produmex Beas is the manufacturing management software for companies that need help streamlining their processes.

Manufacturing excellence isn’t just about producing quality goods. It’s about your entire business. Beas Manufacturing understands this, and offers a suite of manufacturing software solutions that help companies streamline their processes.

They can manage orders, production planning, inventory management and control from start to finish, so they can concentrate on what really matters: generating profits.
Improve manufacturing supply chain efficiency:

– Subcontract management

– Real-time reporting and MRP I, II

– Shop floor data collection

– Project management

Barcode reading

Boyum Produmex Scan is the #1 barcode scanning solution for SAP Business One customers.

But what if you have a warehouse and need to process large volumes of stock quickly?

SAP Business One users are looking for a barcode scanning solution that can help them automate their warehouse and inventory transactions.

Produmex Scan is designed to meet the needs of SAP Business One customers, whether they process dozens or hundreds of transactions a day. It is a robust, reliable barcode scanning solution that seamlessly automates warehouse and inventory transactions in real time. The solution supports multiple warehouse operators, handling high transaction volumes while maintaining high performance.

Electronic Document Management

Zeendoc is a low-carbon electronic document management application unique on the market and hosted in Switzerland. Dematerialize, share with your collaborators or partners and exploit all your documents in a single database.

– Centralize all your documents in a secure, easily accessible area.
– Reduce printing, storage and paper management costs.

– Increased productivity thanks to quick search and intelligent automatic filing features.

– Compliance with data protection regulations (RGPD & nLPD).

Customer Relationship Management

Drive your sales activity and grow your business with a platform you’ll love. HubSpot CRM has all the tools and integrations you need for marketing, sales, content management and customer service.

HubSpot is a Customer Relationship Management platform that combines power and simplicity to connect your data, your teams and your customers on a single customer platform that grows with your business.

Different software/modules are available – they can be used alone or all together for a complete sales/marketing management solution.

– Marketing Hub

– Sales Hub

– CMS Hub

– Services Hub

– Operations Hub

Point of Sale Solution

SAP Customer Checkout is a point-of-sale (POS) solution for retail, entertainment and catering businesses. It can be integrated with SAP Business One and deployed on site or in the cloud.

– Manage sales, returns and payments with a centralized point-of-sale system.

– Access real-time reports, monitor sales and financial results, and flexibly extend and adapt the application.

– Offer a unique customer experience, with loyalty programs and personalized gift cards.

– Monitor stock availability in real time and manage omnichannel POS sales.

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