Training T&Cs

General conditions of training

Access to our training can be initiated either by the employer, or at the initiative of the employee with the agreement of his employer, or at the initiative of the employee.

To organize a training session with our team, please contact us directly via our Contact Page.

Our sales representative will contact you, analyse your needs and send you a personalized business proposal.

The target audience for this programme is the future users of the information system. These participants must be functionally and operational proficient, no computer additional specific knowledge is required. Indeed, the only prerequisites are technical: the participant must have access to his database so that the training can take place in real time on his Software.

For each training request, we conduct a telephone interview with the client. The goal is to establish a customized training program that takes into account the needs and expectations of the client. At the end of this interview, a document «Needs analysis» is then completed and sent with a commercial proposal and the adapted program.

The duration of the training for each module will be specified in this document and in the business proposal submitted, as well as in the training programme attached to the training agreement. The duration must be expressed in hours.

  • The access time will depend on the processing time of the prerequisite steps, namely:
  • analysis of the client’s request
  • customized business proposal
  • validation of the commercial proposal sent
  • validation of the intervention schedule jointly between the client and the trainer according to the availability of each start of training provision.

The price of the service is mentioned in our business proposal, and may vary depending on the trainer’s profile, skills and experience.

The objectives are stated for each module in the training plan validated jointly between the client and the trainer. The objectives list the skills and competences, intended and evaluatable, that will be acquired during the performance


Abilities: Ability to apply knowledge and apply expertise to perform tasks and solve problems.

Skills: Demonstrated ability to apply knowledge, skills and personal, social or methodological arrangements in work or study/training situations, for professional or personal development.

This plan also lists the participants as well as the place of training and the trainers.

In order to ensure the presence of our participants and their attendance in the training, all our participants receive before the start of the training, an engagement charter that they must sign as well as our trainer.

With this commitment, we actively limit the risk of a participant dropping out of our training and ensure that they are informed.

This charter determines in particular that the beneficiaries must inform the trainer and their training referent in case of absence or delay by the contact details made available to them.

Contact information to report a delay or absence: or the email address of the trainer present in the training invitations or by phone at 04-85-80-02-30.


AGENTIL France has passed and received the French Qualiopi certification.

Formation AGENTIL, certification Qualiopi

Quality certification was issued under the action category: Training actions

Methods and means used


Our trainers base their training on comprehensive materials made available by the software publishers in order to ensure future use in line with good practice.



Alternating theoretical and actual application on the tool, this training is part of a demonstration method. Indeed, the objective is to work on understanding integration through direct experimentation.


Participatory learning 

The training is based on dynamic and participatory learning in active pedagogy that allows exchanges with future users in situation on the software to be able to answer their questions in real time. During the demonstration, the trainer uses the tools that will be available to the participant at their workplace. 



The material used is that of the company, as well as that of the trainers for the theoretical presentations and illustrations of the subjects addressed. 


Number of participants

Regarding the number of participants, we have a maximum of 7 participants per trainer to ensure an optimal listening capacity and allow everyone to intervene. Beyond 7 participants, 2 separate sessions are organized to guarantee this quality of exchanges.

Conference room in our premises equipped with a iPad tablets, videoconference system with screen, camera and JABRA microphone, paperboard, our premises are compliant for the reception of the public.

Video conferencing tools (Zoom, Teams and Teamviewer) are free and available to the client for remote or on-site interventions.

Our trainers are above all certified consultants who provide services around the software tool to our clients. They therefore have a perfect knowledge of the software tool in its entirety. Our trainers and our company meet strict certification requirements to ensure our partnerships with publishers. This is why they are always trained on the latest available versions of the software and regularly take additional training to complete their knowledge of software tools. Our trainers also monitor technology and teaching throughout the year.

For training, we have several supports:

  • Guide for Publishers
  • Customized guides created by our trainer on dedicated topics


Also, we give ourselves the possibility to record training sessions realized on videoconference for sending to the client at the end.

The materials seen during the training will be given to each participant at the end of the training.

Afterwards, if the client has any questions, he or she will receive online help on the software. We provide a complete document base on all the modules of the software according to the version used by the customer as well as links to the various portals of the publisher including the SAP Help Portal.


Educational support can be made available to the customer on the customer’s confluence space if he wishes.

Other information

You will find the documentation below to learn more about the methods of reception and conditions of conduct for the beneficiary public.


Download the document


Prior learning is assessed on an ongoing basis throughout the training days. The trainees are put into real-time work situation on the software on the customer’s database. The trainer keeps the hand on the presentation to ensure the smooth running of the training and that each participant is attentive to the action in progress. In this way, trainees are trained in immersion on the software in exactly the same context as they will be required to do in their activity. This will allow the trainer to review in real time and determine if:

  • the trainee understands the manipulations being presented.
  • answer any questions or requests for further explanations.
  • check that the objectives defined in the schedule are met.


Round table

In addition to this real-time assessment, the trainer at the end of each training session performs a round table. This allows you to interact with the participants, to verify that everyone has understood and integrated the different elements seen during the session, and to determine if additional information is needed.



At the end of the training, each participant will receive by email an attestation validating the modules in which they participated.

This weekly round-table also allows us to compile assessments or complaints about the training in a general way so that trainers can take them into account and improve our services.


Feedback / Appreciation

In addition to this round table, a questionnaire is sent to each participant and to the client at the end of the training.

Within a maximum of 1 week after the training, if the questionnaire is not completed, AGENTIL will allow itself to relaunch the trainee. Indeed, the objective is to recover its assessments within a maximum of 1 month following the training.


Annual review of training activities

Once a year, a questionnaire is also carried out with the funders, mainly the OPCOs to make an assessment of the training activities carried out over the previous year. If the questionnaire is not filled in, AGENTIL will send a reminder to the funder in order to recover its evaluations within a maximum of one month after the request is sent.


Quality Process

So that our trainers can also give their impressions in a quality approach, a review is carried out annually (on the organization, roles..)


The free expression of all the actors of a formation is a fundamental and primordial principle in order to better accompany you.

Accessibility and compensation of disability in training

We welcome all types of public and without distinction, our training is accessible to people with disabilities. We ensure that the reception conditions of these people are respected in order to ensure specific support and provide appropriate assistance.

AGENTIL as part of this support, has put in place a comprehensive process in several stages for Persons with Disabilities.


Prior to each training, we question trainees or refer them to our clients for training in order to identify any disability situations.

In the case of a report of disabled trainees, we carry out a complete questionnaire in order to be able to determine precisely the nature of the handicap (motor, auditory, visual, intellectual, psychic).

We will then contact a dedicated support organization to define the possibilities of setting up compensation solutions allowing access to our training in the best conditions.

We also work in partnership with the disabled person himself, who knows his difficulties well and has already been able to benefit from adaptations. She can be accompanied by the insertion reference if she wishes, as well as a local accompanist, among the network of partners and specialized accompanists officially referenced, notably Agefiph and RHF.

Follow this link to see the partner networks or download the documentation.

For any additional information, our disability referent is there to answer your questions: Ms. Elise Granger  – or at (+33) 04-85-80-02-30.

Our trainers are made aware of this public during their annual meeting with our human resources manager. We also monitor disability information and update the contact details of the partner network on an annual basis. Follow this link to see the partner networks or download documentations: Agefiph Brochure & Agefiph contacts

Our Datadock & Qualiopi certified organization allows you to benefit from support for this training (if your company’s eligibility is validated by the OPCO you depend on).

Process for requesting funding from your OPCO


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