360° SAP security
with SecurityBridge_

SecurityBridge is the only integrated security platform that covers all the necessary aspects

 protecting companies using SAP from internal and external threats

which weigh on their main management applications.

Protect all your SAP data!

The SecurityBridge platform for SAP is the first and only SAP cybersecurity technology seamlessly integrated into your SAP instances, meeting all SAP security requirements, as well as patches, compliance and monitoring of your SAP systems.

Strengthen the security of SAP systems

SAP users are facing increasing pressure to protect their SAP ECC and S/4 ERP environments, certify their environments, ensure security for their auditors, and ensure overall oversight of their ERP.

The goal is to optimize critical SAP applications by deploying:

– Reinforcement and Patches

– Application performance

– Regulatory Compliance

– Compliance of developments, their security

– Security and monitoring of interfaces, external systems

– Cyber security requirements

Integrated SAP security solution

Real-time detection

SecurityBridge provides real-time threat monitoring through anomaly detection and can be corrected before they cause damage.

Automation and simplification

Regular audits are conducted to ensure security and compliance (SOX, FDA, GDPR) and that the company’s compliance status is of the highest level.

Global vision

SecurityBridge covers code vulnerability analysis, intrusion detection, event monitoring, path management, SIEM integration…

Traffic Monitoring Interface

SecurityBridge provides the ability to instantly view all data exchanges between SAP systems and non-SAP systems, through the Traffic Monitor Interface. 


Cyber threats evolve every day. SecurityBridge is continuously updated based on ABEX internal research and the latest SAP security publications.

Quick Implementation

SecurityBridge resides in your SAP landscape, without additional hardware. The solution is easily activated and put into production.


AGENTIL offers the SecurityBridge solution in Service and Audit mode. We offer the solution in our SAP security audit services at a flat rate.
We also offer the complete solution either as a license or as a subscription and maintenance. Our SAP security implementation and audit services can be added to the software solution.

For all these reasons, AGENTIL has added SecurityBridge to its product portfolio to offer customers a complete SAP solution. As an SAP Gold partner, AGENTIL experts help you in all aspects of your projects: identify, size, assist in decision-making, build and support your ERP at the level: business processes, application functionalities, technology and infrastructure.
Finally, we support you in project management from A to Z with a 360° vision. Indeed, we value proximity, competence, efficiency, listening, availability and confidence for the success of your project.

Your personalized IT audit

Want to increase the security of your SAP environments? Interested in SecurityBridge? Align your IT solutions with your goals and needs, and identify growth opportunities.