No code integration platform
with Magic xpi_

With its “no code” approach and easy to maintain, Magic xpi integrates all your business applications

in the cloud, on-premises or in hybrid mode and offers your company the best possibilities. 

Connect your systems and applications

Magic Software has developed the Magic Xpi integration platform to enable companies to connect their systems, applications and data,facilitating the exchange of essential information and stimulating operational efficiency.  

No code Integration

With Magic xpi, companies can automate their CRM or ERP workflows. This allows data to be synchronized between two disparate systems and databases.

– Magic xpi optimizes business processes, reduces repetitive manual tasks, and improves overall operational efficiency.

– SAP can be seamlessly connected to other systems, such as databases, third-party applications or cloud solutions.

Integration offers great flexibility and scalability – adding new applications, expanding operations or integrating new technologies.

– Better visibility of data for advanced analysis of business performance.

Streamline your business processes


With a no-code, drag/drop user interface, you can easily design integration flows without any developing skills.

Data visualization

Data visualization allows you to easily create integration flows, instantly connecting multiple endpoints and nodes without any development skills.

Automatic backups

The automation of your integrations is done securely thanks to the IMDG architecture that provides automatic backups of processes and distributes them, ensuring optimal performance at all times.


Get all the latest information on your projects thanks to web-based dashboards. View data in real time through charts, maps and alerts to better understand where you can improve performance.

Magic Xpi x AGENTIL

Leveraging our respective expertise, we work closely together to understand each customer’s specific needs, develop customized strategies, and provide tailored solutions that meet each company’s unique business goals. 

By combining the capabilities of Magic Software for rapid systems and data integration with AGENTIL’s consulting and support expertise, customers benefit from a smooth and seamless digital transformation.

The results are tangible: business process optimization, increased operational efficiency, better decision-making based on real-time information, and an improved customer experience. 

Your personalized IT audit

Looking for a no-code application integration? Align your IT solutions with your business goals and identify growth opportunities.