SAP Data Masking
with Libelle DataMasking_

Anonymize personal data in SAP and non-SAP systems and provide departments with

external developers and consultants of anonymized test and evaluation systems containing realistic data.

Anonymize your data

Libelle DataMasking provides anonymized and consistent data for both development and testing of applications and business processes.They remain easily manipulated whether on SAP or any other environment. The anonymization methods used are GDPR and nLPD compliant.

Why Libelle DataMasking ?

Libelle DataMasking, created by software publisher Libelle, anonymizes sensitive data so that the data no longer has a concrete personal reference but remains usable for testing and development. Test systems always have “real” and consistent data.

– The solution can anonymize up to 200,000 data inputs per second.

– Provides as standard more than 40 anonymization algorithms and a reference database with defined target values.

– You can realistically test, train and evaluate your non-productive systems – without concrete personal reference.

– Can be used for individual systems or complete environments. The databases of the different environments are also anonymized between systems.

Make testing systems GDPR compliant


With data anonymization, you defend against intrusive access and data theft on your non-productive systems.

Realistic tests

Libelle DataMasking provides realistic data while respecting the logic of the replaced data. This allows to generate tests optimally.


The solution works on all common databases. It can be quickly executed by defining configurations beforehand.

Libelle x AGENTIL

The collaboration with Libelle IT Group focuses on data security and process efficiency.

By combining Data Masking (Libelle DataMasking) and Automated Data Refresh (Libelle SystemCopy) solutions with the expertise of our 360° IT services team, companies benefit from enhanced protection of sensitive data and optimization of database updates.

This synergy ensures secure and efficient management of information, while ensuring compliance and performance of IT systems.

Your personalized IT audit

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