Your data protection
and IT security_

Data security and IT protection have become top priorities for companies of all sizes.

The proliferation of cyber attacks, from ransomware to data theft, underlines the crucial importance of

protect sensitive information and maintain the integrity of computer systems.

Protect your sensitive and private data

Security is not just a matter of processes, regulations or controls, it is a state of mind that must be shared by all actorsof an organization.Informed by the laws in force (GDPR and nLPD), compliance also meets financial, marketing,business management and technology.

Data protection
in the IS ecosystem

Data security is now a major issue for all companies, regardless of their size or industry.

Data protection within the information systems (IS) ecosystem is more crucial than ever. Compliance with strict regulations is one of the priority levers, especially with the new Data Protection Act (nLPD) in Switzerland and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in Europe. Compliance is essential to ensure the security and confidentiality of the private data of individuals that companies process.

Our approach to your data protection

Data inventory, measurement and governance

It addresses the issues of collection, storage and use of personal data. It controls the practices related to the processing of personal data.

Process organization and impact analysis

It meets the requirements of responsibility and mastery of management practices. It addresses notions of profiles, roles, authorities, traceability and control.

Security, architecture and technology

It is the definition of tools and protocols to guarantee the availability of systems, the confidentiality of information and the integrity of data: access controls, backups…

Our IT security solutions

Infra & secure hosting

We offer 100% Swiss cloud solutions, dedicated to SAP Business One with the BCS – shared – or BMS – in private mode, with our partner Equinix.

  • Cloud Services On Demand, 99.5% SLA, Datacenter Hosting Level 4
  • Support 8X5, ticketing platform (web)

& VPNs

We offer robust firewall solutions to filter incoming and outgoing traffic, preventing unauthorized access and protecting your systems from threats. Our VPN solutions ensure a secure and private connection, protecting your sensitive data from cyber threats while offering anonymous browsing.

Passwords Management

Keeper is a powerful password manager that securely stores, generates and manages your passwords. With Keeper, you can ensure that your passwords are robust and unique for each application, reducing the risk of security breaches due to weak or reused passwords. 

Access Management

Cisco Duo is a leading security solution that provides multi-factor authentication (MFA) to protect connections to your applications and networks. By adding an extra layer of security, Cisco Duo ensures that only authorized individuals can access your systems, reducing the risk of cyber attacks. 

360° SAP Security

The SecurityBridge all-in-one platform for SAP is the first and only SAP cybersecurity technology seamlessly integrated into your SAP instances. The solution protects you at all times and meets all SAP security requirements, patches, compliance and monitoring of your SAP systems. 

SAP DataMasking

With Libelle DataMasking, obtain anonymized and consistent data for both development and testing of applications and business processes.

They remain easily manipulated whether on SAP or any other environment. The anonymization methods used are GDPR and nLPD compliant.

Your personalized IT audit

With our experience and approach in the field, we support you to ensure that your data is optimally protected throughout your SSI ecosystem.