SAP Business One,
affordable and powerful ERP_

A complete and customizable solution for small and medium businesses,

SAP Business One is a single, affordable solution to manage

your entire business.

Manage your entire activity!

SAP Business One is an all-in-one, pre-configured, affordable and easy-to-use ERP to drive your business’s core functions. It is an integrated solution that provides clear visibility
on all your activities and total control over all aspects of your operations. Because every business is different, SAP Business One was designed with flexibility in mind.

As your business grows, you can customize and extend SAP Business One to meet your evolving needs.

Why choose
SAP Business One?

With SAP Business One as an ERP, you benefit from the simplicity and efficiency of standardized and streamlined processes from day one. You gain visibility and control over all aspects of your business.

– Gain full visibility and drive your business with key metrics.
– An intuitive solution, easy to adopt and use for your employees.
– A modern or classic web interface for production.
– Available on computer, PC/MAC, tablet or mobile.
– Rapid implementation (weeks to months).
– Integrated implementation tools based on SAP methodology.

ERP for small and medium enterprises

SAP Business One is the digital heart of small and medium enterprises.
This ERP allows to manage all the functions of the company up to hundreds of users.

& operations

Management & administration

Accounting & financial management

Inventory & Distribution Management

Production & MRP

Project and Resource Management

Sales & services

Customizable solution

Key Features

Total control of your finances

SAP Business One provides a comprehensive set of tools to help you manage and streamline your financial operations.

It automates day-to-day accounting tasks such as general ledger and journal keeping, handling tax calculations, and enabling multi-currency transactions.

Create a loyal customer base

Acquiring new customers is important for success, but optimizing customer relationships is just as crucial.

SAP Business One provides the tools to help you effectively manage the entire sales process and customer lifecycle, from first contact to final sales, after-sales service and support.

Optimize purchases to increase margins

SAP Business One manages the entire order-to-payment cycle, including receipts, invoices, returns, and payments.

Integrated reporting tools allow you to easily compare suppliers and prices to negotiate better deals and identify cost-saving opportunities.

Transparent inventory control and distribution

Receive accurate information on incoming and outgoing shipments, stocks and location of items.

You can perform real-time stock updates and availability checks, and manage standard and special prices. You can also apply volume discounts, cash discounts, and customer discounts, and run reports that reveal their impact.

A clear vision of your business thanks to B.I.

SAP Business One provides powerful analytics and reporting tools. It includes a free, fully integrated version of SAP Crystal Reports® for SAP Business One.

You can collect data from multiple sources and generate timely and accurate reports based on data from across the enterprise.

Quick and smart decision making

This solution enables employees to make smart and secure decisions faster, capturing all critical information and making it instantly available across the enterprise.

Integrating this data into a single system instead of multiple spreadsheets disconnected from each other eliminates duplicate entries, costs and resulting errors.

SAP Business One - Extended modules

SAP Analytics Cloud

SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) is a business intelligence (BI) and data analytics tool developed by SAP. It allows users to collect, visualize and analyze data from various sources: databases, non-SAP systems, Excel files, live data…

Web client

With the Web Client for SAP Business One Web, you benefit from sophisticated analytical charts and predefined analytical content. You can create and track activities, create and manage draft documents, including the approval process.

Mobile App

The SAP Business One Mobile app is designed for sales teams on the go.   The SAP Business One mobile app for iOS and Android allows you to manage leads and customer accounts, view inventory and place orders, anywhere and anytime.

Accelerate your growth with SAP Business One

Big Data

Big Data consists of all the data that is potentially relevant to the company, whether structured or not, and from various sources. Once analyzed, it is used to provide deeper insights and more accurate information on all operational areas of a company and its market.  

Internet of Things

IoT is a network of physical objects that connect and exchange data over the internet.

The information sent can be used to initiate, for example, an action, a process, or can be used for analysis. The integration framework can be used in an on-premises or cloud installation.

Machine Learning

The capabilities of SAP Business One HANA leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to provide companies with smart, data-driven solutions. These AI-based capabilities provide advanced analytics and predictive insights.

Cloud Technology

SAP Business One is a cloud-based solution to deliver effective business management software capabilities in a secure cloud environment. At AGENTL, we provide hosting solutions and services, private or shared, and manage for you all that it implies (security, storage, performance…).

SAP Gold Partner

With a recognized experience in the market of SAP Business One with our SAP Gold Partnership & SAP PCOE certification, our team accompanies you on a daily basis for the success of your ERP strategies. 

What does this imply?

Our SAP Business One consultants are experts who help companies meet their needs and concerns in order to implement innovative and tailored solutions, using standard SAP processes but also adapting them for customization.

We are convinced that each company is unique and must be treated as such, validating the efficiency of processes in your organization is essential!

Agility and flexibility are our watchwords: if your project and your needs evolve, the solutions we offer also evolve.

Your personalized IT audit

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