What you need to know about nLPD

September 1, 2023 marks a major turning point for data protection in Switzerland.


A new law has come into force, bringing significant changes to the way companies collect, store and process personal data. Understanding these changes is essential for companies to comply with the new rules. Fortunately, as a 360° IT partner, we’re here to help.

What are the major changes?


From now on, only the data of natural persons will be covered, and no longer that of legal entities.


Genetic and biometric data fall within the definition of sensitive data.


The principles of “Privacy by Design” and “Privacy by Default” are introduced.


Impact analyses must be carried out if there is a high risk to the personality or fundamental rights of the persons concerned.


The duty to inform has been extended: the collection of all personal data – and no longer just so-called sensitive data – must give rise to prior information of the data subject.


Keeping a register of processing activities becomes mandatory. However, the implementing ordinance provides for an exemption for SMEs with fewer than 250 employees, whose data processing presents a limited risk of personal injury to the data subjects.


In the event of a data security breach, prompt notification must be made to the Federal Data Protection and Information Commissioner (FDPIC).


The notion of profiling (i.e. the automated processing of personal data) has entered the law.


How can AGENTIL help you?

At AGENTIL, we understand the crucial importance of compliance with data protection laws. We’re here to help you navigate this new regulatory landscape.


1. Customized compliance assessment

Our team of experts will carry out a thorough assessment of your current system to identify gaps and areas requiring improvement to comply with the new law.


2. Implementation of security measures

We’ll guide you through the implementation of robust security measures to protect your company’s data. This may include two-factor authentication and other advanced security methods.


3. Training

Employee awareness is essential. We offer interactive training courses to make your staff aware of data security best practices, including new legal requirements.


The new Swiss Data Protection Act is an important step towards a more secure and transparent digital world. Companies need to act quickly to comply with these new regulations.


With AGENTIL at your side, protect your data. Protect your business.