Choose SAP Business One for your digital transformation

To begin with, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems are used to manage business processes. They integrate information and automate tasks within an organisation. SAP Business One is one of the ERP systems designed specifically for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Indeed, small and medium-sized enterprises are driven to move to an ERP system for two reasons:

  • To connect and streamline all key processes

  • Re-imagine and innovate existing business models


Introduction to SAP Business One

ou can manage your business simply with an ERP solution that gives you access to digital transformation. SAP Business One is SAP’s best-selling ERP solution by number of customers.

  • Gain a competitive advantage by strengthening your business presence by implementing robust business processes and making your business adaptable to changes in your environment.

  • Connect business functions: procurement, production, finance, sales, service… Your entire business runs more smoothly with a collaborative and inherently ‘unmanaged’ solution

  • Simplified access to data using analytics and reports based on key business KPIs and make decisions based on real-time data.

Why SAP Business One for your digital transformation - ERP SAP B1
Why SAP B1 for small business

SAP B1, the ERP for smart businesses

The SAP Business One solution addresses the following challenges: Customer Experience, Production and Supply Chain, Engagement, Network Management and Spend.

For example,

  • Customer Experience: Deliver the best customer experience by anticipating and proactively responding to the needs of end customers in real time across your entire enterprise network.

  • Production and Supply Chain: Manage a digital supply chain for customer-centric production. Take advantage of predictive processes, intelligent automation and visibility across your entire network.

  • Engagement: Improve employee connectivity and engagement. Provide employees with personal and role-based experiences.

  • Network and Expense Management: Streamline and gain visibility and control over costs. Improve financial operations, supplier collaboration and contract management across your enterprise network.

Digitalization of companies with SAP Business One

In addition, SAP Business One is the digital hub for small and medium-sized businesses. This means that all digital levers can be integrated to further strengthen the power of ERP: Cloud, Mobile Technology, Analytics, Machine Learning, Big Data and IoT (Internet of Things).

SAP Business One - Analytique

The analytical capabilities of the SAP Business One web client give users simple tools to make them autonomous in the use of analytics reporting.

Allows users to create the screens they need, based on their roles 

SAP Business One - Technologie mobile
Mobile Technology

Native applications to access essential data in real time of your business.

App B1 Sales and/or App B1 Service 

Cloud avec SAP B1
Cloud Technology

SAP Business One Cloud is a flexible solution, which can be deployed as a cloud solution, allowing companies to benefit from their ERP while minimizing their IT investment. 

SAP Business One Web Client – Integration with: Microsoft 365 (Excel, Word) / Outlook 365 / MS Teams 


It is a network of physical objects using sensors and APIs to connect and exchange data over the Internet. 

Big Data S4HANA
Big Data (S/HANA version)

Cash flow forecast 

Advanced Availability Control 

Research data 

Predictive analysis

Machine Learning avec SAP Business One
Machine Learning

Sales recommendations 

Smart Forecasting

Les avantages de SAP Business One

Finally, SAP Business One is easy to use and can be customized to meet a company’s specific needs. It has a user-friendly interface and can be integrated with other software systems, such as customer portals or e-commerce platforms, to further enhance its capabilities. 

In addition, SAP Business One is scalable and can adapt to the company’s growth. It can manage increasing amounts of data and users as the company grows, making it a long-term solution capable of adapting to changing needs. 


Finally, SAP Business One draws on the resources and expertise of SAP, a leading provider of enterprise software solutions. This means that there is a strong support network and a wealth of resources available to help businesses implement and use the system effectively. 


Overall, SAP Business One can be a good choice for SMEs looking to improve their management processes and increase their efficiency.

What are the advantages of choosing an SAP partner for the implementation of your ERP?

SOLUTIONS: By developing solutions from next-generation SAP ERP, we help companies in their digital transformation. 

PROXIMITY: First, for proximity and collaboration with a local contact. Choosing AGENTIL means choosing a partner who understands the French and Swiss market: language, culture, local regulations and availability linked to geographical proximity.  

TAILOR-MADE: An SAP partner is an expert in SAP solutions that offers and offers innovative and tailor-made solutions to its customers. Each partner has its own combination of expertise, skills and services to deliver the solution you need.  

QUALITY: AGENTIL complies with the strict requirements of the SAP certification programme in several areas: solutions, customer satisfaction, skill level, etc. Thus, working with a partner recognized by SAP, which is subject to regular and continuous evaluation is an important guarantee of security and serenity for the implementation and management of your ERP.

Choose AGENTIL, SAP Gold partner

As a SAP Gold Partner for over 15 years, AGENTIL has implemented SAP Business One at over 120 SME.


AGENTIL supports all types of companies in all types of business sectors at each stage of an ERP implementation or change project, the study of the choice of the right ERP, the development of the implementation project, the implementation phase or the 24/7 support.  

With its experience, AGENTIL has developed its business to meet the needs of its clients. Today, we support you through all phases of the SAP project, with our certified and experienced SAP consultants on the latest SAP technologies. Thanks to the support of the SAP consultant, you can focus on the management of key business lines and the growth of the company.