Why choose an SAP ERP for your business?


First, SAP is a world-renowned and market leader software company, known for its reliable and innovative solutions. SAP notably offers integrated management systems (ERP – “Enterprise Resource Planning”) implemented in many companies around the world.  

SAP ERP intelligent solutions are the digital heart of business. In this way, they can integrate new generation transversal management processes and benefit from the advantages of artificial intelligence. They enable companies to effectively manage the full spectrum of their business, from commercial and financial operations to human resources management, the supply chain…  

In addition, the SAP ERP brings together many functionalities that make it possible to respond to both small and medium businesses and large businesses.

Why choose SAP solutions among the many other ERP available on the market?

But how do you make sure you choose a reliable partner to implement your new ERP within the company? In this blog post, find out what the advantages of SAP ERP are and how AGENTIL Group can support TPE, SME/SME or large companies in their digital transformation.

SAP Features

  • FINANCE: SAP Business One and SAP S/4HANA provide comprehensive management of the company’s finances, including accounting, cash management, budgeting and financial forecasting. These solutions also enable efficient management of taxes and tax returns. 
  • HUMAN RESOURCES: SAP provides human resources management functionality such as employee management, competency management, absence management and payroll management. It also enables effective talent, training and performance management. 
  • SUPPLY CHAIN: Through supply chain management capabilities, companies can manage commodity requirements planning, inventory management, production planning and delivery management…  
  • SALES AND DISTRIBUTION: SAP ERP offers order management, price management, customer management and contract management. 
  • DATA ANALYTICS: These ERPs also enable reporting, data visualization, and predictive analytics to quickly make informed strategic decisions. 
Choose SAP ERP
Avantages d'un ERP SAP

SAP Advantages

  • EVOLUTION: SAP offers scalable solutions that adapt to the company’s growing needs. SAP Business One and SAP S/4HANA Cloud can interact with other systems to extend their functionality through various integrations.  
  • RELIABILITY: As a leader in the ERP market with 20% market share, SAP has a network of partners and loyal customers around the world and experts capable of implementing and delivering 24/7 support.  
  • CUSTOMIZATION: SAP Business One and SAP S/4HANA Cloud offer great flexibility to tailor business processes to the specific needs of the customer. Is the company’s growth changing? ERP is also changing.  
  • DATA ANALYTICS: SAP ERP solutions enable real-time analysis of enterprise data, facilitating strategic decision-making and performance monitoring.  
  • OPTIMIZATION: The ERP is also an efficient supply chain management system that allows better coordination between the different departments of the company, thus improving the overall performance of the company.  
  • INTEGRATION: SAP integrates with many solutions. For example, it can be combined with SAP monitoring solutions, developed by AGENTIL Group 10 years ago. It is an SAP monitoring tool designed to focus on the quality of service of your systems, while reducing cost and operational complexity. It allows you to control all SAP systems in the same company in a single interface and be informed of the state of the systems in real time.

SAP Business One, SAP S/4HANA... which ERP to choose ?

SAP has developed several ERP solutions to meet the needs of large and small companies.   Indeed, in the AGENTIL portfolio of solutions and services, we find the two most used SAP ERP.

Why SAP Business One for your digital transformation - ERP SAP B1

SAP Business One

SAP Business One – This is the SAP ERP suite designed for Start-up, TPE and SME’s. It can be deployed in the cloud or on-premises. The basic modules include:

  • The general administration

  • The CRM

  • Procurement management

  • Sales management

  • Finance

  • Inventory and inventory management

  • Management of resources

  • The management of production

  • Planning of Materiel Requirements

  • Management of human resources

  • Project management and therefore reporting.

Finally, the Business One suite is customizable and benefits from more than 500 integrated third-party offers, depending on the needs and requirements of the customer, country and language.


S/4HANA Cloud or On-Premise – This is the SAP ERP suite used primarily by medium and large enterprises. S/4HANA is built on the In-Memory SAP HANA database that combines both analytical and transactional processing. The combination of a single database and parallel processing allows companies to perform advanced analytics while conducting high-speed transactions. S/4HANA Cloud is the SaaS version of S/4HANA – users access the software via a web browser on any device. 

It is a sophisticated software with many features, suitable for large companies:

  • domestic or international activity

  • with a large IT staff

  • needs in transaction processing, analytics, applications and database operation.


Be supported by an SAP specialist

Finally, the use of an ERP system such as SAP Business One or SAP S/4HANA Cloud may seem complex, which is why it is highly recommended that an expert company support the implementation and maintenance of SAP. This allows you to benefit from the SAP business and/or technological expertise to configure and customize the system according to the needs of the company, to maintain the ERP in operational condition or to provide assistance related to the use of SAP. In addition, support from a specialized company helps to reduce risks and maximize returns on investment through an adapted and personalized implementation of SAP.

Choose AGENTIL, SAP Gold Partner

As SAP Gold Partner for more than 15 years, AGENTIL has implemented ERP solutions for more than 120 SMEs and 40 large companies worldwide.  

AGENTIL supports all types of companies in all types of business sectors at each stage of an ERP implementation or change project, the study of the choice of the right ERP, the development of the implementation project, the implementation phase or the 24/7 support.  

With its experience, AGENTIL has developed its business to meet the needs of its clients. Today, we support you through all phases of the SAP project, with our certified and experienced SAP consultants on the latest SAP technologies. Thanks to the monitoring and support of the SAP consultant dedicated to your company, you can focus on the management of key business lines and the growth of the company.