AGENTIL x Magic:
A key partnership for your integration projects

In the ever-changing world of digital transformation, strategic alliances play an essential role in pushing back the boundaries of innovation and delivering cutting-edge solutions to businesses worldwide. With this in mind, we are glad to present our partnership with Magic Software. 

Magic Software

Magic Software was founded 35 years ago, and today is a recognized provider of leading-edge software platforms for the development and the integration of business and industrial applications.  
Magic Software has developed an integration platform Magic Xpi that enables companies to connect their systems, applications and data, facilitating the exchange of essential information and boosting operational efficiency. 

Magic Xpi integration platform

With its easy-to-maintain, codeless approach, Magic Xpi integrates all your business applications in the cloud, on-premise or in hybrid mode, offering your company the best opportunities. 
More than 100 connectors are therefore available for SAP. With AGENTIL, SAP Gold Partner, you can easily connect all your applications, SAP ERP, databases, APIs and more. This interface enables you to optimize the potential of your third-party technologies, offering a 360° view of your business. 

magic xpi integration platform with AGENTIL, IT Partner

Simplified work methods

– Codeless: With its drag-and-drop user interface, IT professionals and business analysts can easily design integration workflows without any development skills. And if need be, your experts can always add a few lines of customized code.
– Visual Data Mapper: lets you create integration flows easily, instantly connecting multiple endpoints and nodes without any development skills.
– Security and performance: the automation of your Magic Xpi integration is carried out securely thanks to our In-Memory-Data-Grid (IMDG) architecture, which provides automatic process backups and distribution, ensuring optimum performance at all times.
– Monitoring: view real-time data via graphs, maps and alerts to better understand where you can improve performance. 

With Magic xpi,

More Agile, Secure and Highly Profitable Integration Projects (ERP, CRM...)

With Magic xpi, companies can automate the workflows of their CRM systems, such as Hubspot. This makes it possible to synchronize data between these two disparate systems and databases.


Magic xpi is the ideal solution for connecting ERP and CRM.

Here are some of the key benefits of this integration:

– Business process automation
: Magic xpi automates workflows between SAP ERP and other applications or systems. This optimizes business processes, reduces repetitive manual tasks and improves overall operational efficiency.

– Seamless connectivity: Magic xpi makes it possible to seamlessly connect SAP with other systems, such as databases, third-party applications or cloud solutions. This facilitates the exchange of real-time information between these different systems, enabling better coordination and more informed decision-making.

– Flexibility and scalability: integrating Magic xpi offers great flexibility and scalability. It makes it easy to adapt to changes in the business, whether adding new applications, expanding operations or integrating new technologies.

– Better data visibility: by integrating a SAP ERP with other systems via Magic xpi, users benefit from a consolidated view of data, improving visibility and understanding of business performance.

A holistic approach to digital transformation

The partnership between AGENTIL and Magic Software goes far beyond simple collaboration; it’s an approach that puts the customer at the center of attention. By leveraging our respective skills, we work closely together to understand each customer’s specific needs, develop customized strategies and deliver tailored solutions that meet each company’s unique business objectives. 
By combining Magic Software’s rapid systems and data integration capabilities with AGENTIL’s consulting expertise, customers benefit from a smooth and seamless digital transformation. The results are tangible: optimized business processes, increased operational efficiency, better decision-making based on real-time information, and enhanced customer experience. 
To find out more, contact our sales team for a demo.