Optimize your production with Beas Manufacturing for SAP Business One

Production management for SME

In the world of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), efficient production management is essential to remain competitive. Boyum IT Solutions, our partner, responds to these challenges with the Beas Manufacturing solution, a software suite that goes far beyond simple production management, offering an integrated approach to improving business efficiency and profitability.


The Beas Manufacturing solution adapts to the unique needs of its customers. The Beas Manufacturing software suite offers robust, scalable solutions to companies that need help streamlining production processes, reducing costs and increasing flexibility. All Beas products are designed with ease of use in mind, so that anyone, from shop floor staff to company management, can use them.

Beas Manufacturing - Production module for SAP Business One

Beas Manufacturing for SAP Business One

Contract manufacturing management

Beas Manufacturing offers contract manufacturing as a standard process. Outsourced processes are set up as part of the product flow as a service acquisition during manufacturing.

Real-time reporting and MRP I, II

Avoid product shortages. You can adjust the planning of material requirements for a manufacturing or procurement process based on the evaluation of production plans and stock levels in real time, taking into account flexible parameters such as demand and supply.

Shop floor data collection
Imagine what you could achieve by automating reporting?You can record production quantities and times, process and energy data, and material transactions from external data sources in Beas Manufacturing and SAP Business One. You can also capture application data on portable mobile devices, or access it via simple smartphones or tablets, including terminal applications for plant data collection.

Project management

Beas Manufacturing offers a versatile and powerful module designed for project-based manufacturing. You can create multi-level projects with time-tracking capabilities.

Define project budgets: attach activities, sales and purchasing transactions directly to the project. You can calculate project costs and define milestones.

Flexible management of your production and supply chain

Advanced planning and scheduling

Beas Manufacturing’s planning and scheduling tools enable production managers to plan plant workloads according to resource capacity and material availability. Production dates are kept up to date, and resources are utilized to the maximum.


Version and revision control

Managing item and BOM revisions can be a difficult task, especially for complex, multi-level BOMs. With Beas Manufacturing, you can efficiently manage several active BOMs simultaneously for the same item. You can also track the impact of changes for each revision.


Product configurator

Beas Manufacturing’s Product Configurator enables companies to create configurable, multi-option and customizable products. This gives you a competitive edge by reducing lead times, automating quotation documentation and increasing labor efficiency.

Precise management of your production costs and profitability

Product quotation

Quickly calculate exact product costs, selling prices and margins to help you draw up quotations. Compare planned and actual production and purchasing costs.


Product costing

Beas Manufacturing gives you total control over your manufacturing costs, thanks to a unique pre-calculation feature that simulates the expected cost of the product. You can now better understand production costs and identify areas where you can save money.


Business performance

Beas Manufacturing offers an advanced cost accounting function that allows you to establish distribution rules based on production activity. For example, different rules for financial transactions from SAP Business One and specific reports for analyzing transactions linked to cost centers and cost elements.

Guarantee the quantity of your products and regulatory standards

Manufacturing quality control and traceability

The Beas Manufacturing solution helps to promote quality by providing a complete audit and electronic documentation trail. You can view all components used in manufacturing, including the parts involved and their batch or serial numbers.


Comply with regulatory standards

Beas Manufacturing software can help you meet regulatory requirements by accurately tracking and managing the right materials. By ensuring product traceability at all times, reducing compliance costs and complying with the demands of regulatory authorities.


Production machine maintenance

Beas Manufacturing’s maintenance solution helps you avoid unplanned downtime and increase production availability by actively managing planned downtime. Thanks to its preventive and corrective maintenance plans, you can reduce machine and production line downtime.

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