for the creation, printing and distribution of SAP documents

AGENTIL is proud to announce its partnership with SEAL Systems, leader in document solutions. This alliance enables AGENTIL to offer certified solutions on the Swiss market to optimize the use of documents managed in SAP, including the composition, printing and distribution of SAP documents.

AGENTIL and SEAL Systems, for creating, printing and distributing SAP documents

SEAL Systems solutions are designed to meet quality, compatibility, availability and security requirements, while rationalizing the IT infrastructure dedicated to document management.


By combining SEAL Systems’ recognized solutions for print management and document distribution with AGENTIL’s advanced expertise in the SAP world, this alliance aims to provide complete solutions, specially adapted to the needs of Swiss companies using SAP.

SEAL Systems and AGENTIL

“This collaboration with SEAL Systems enables us to respond even more effectively to the specific needs of the Swiss market, by offering certified solutions for optimizing print and document management in SAP”, Jean-François Lauri CEO AGENTIL Group.



The SEAL Systems solutions offered by AGENTIL as part of this partnership will provide Swiss companies using SAP with the following benefits:

– Simplified, efficient management of the composition, printing and distribution of SAP documents without development.
– Optimized management of documents managed in SAP/SAP DMS
– Increased productivity thanks to the availability of distribution services and SAP business file generation solutions.
– Reduced infrastructure and administration costs.
– Rigorous compliance thanks to certified and proven solutions.



“This collaboration marks an important milestone for SEAL Systems in its commitment to providing quality, global solutions for print and document distribution management. We look forward to contributing to the improvement of document creation, printing and distribution processes for SAP user companies based in Switzerland and their international subsidiaries”, Johannes HESEL – Director of Operations.

About SEAL Systems

SEAL Systems is a key player in the development of Enterprise Output Management software solutions, offering innovative solutions for optimizing document creation, printing and distribution processes.


AGENTIL, a 360° IT and SAP partner, provides tailor-made solutions and services to meet the specific needs of Small, Medium and Large Enterprises and support them in their digital transformation: ERP and intelligent solutions, SAP consulting and IT recruitment.

AGENTIL and SEAL Systems, for creating, printing and distributing SAP documents

This partnership between SEAL Systems and AGENTIL underlines the determination of both partners to provide cutting-edge solutions specifically tailored to the Swiss market, to meet the complex challenges of managing document printing and distribution in the SAP environment.


For more information on the solutions offered, please contact:

Saïd EL MORABITI from SEAL Systems