The importance of ERP implementation support for SMBs

SMEs (Small and Medium-sized Enterprises) play an essential role in the global economy, but they often face specific challenges when it comes to implementing enterprise management software, business software or ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). These challenges can include limited resources, tight budgets and a small team. That’s why it’s essential for small and medium-sized businesses to seek support when implementing ERP. In this article, we explore the reasons why specialist support is necessary.  

Technical expertise

ERP implementation is a complex task requiring technical expertise. Many SMEs do not have the necessary skills in-house to design, customize and deploy an ERP system. Calling on an ERP partner or consultant with experience in this field can guarantee a successful system implementation. 

Customization to suit business needs

Every SMB has its own specific needs and business processes. Agentil understands that every business is unique. Consequently, the team works on customizing SAP solutions to ensure that they perfectly match the specific requirements of each SME. This can include custom configuration of SAP modules, the addition of specific functionalities and the development of tailor-made integrations. Professional guidance will enable ERP to be tailored to the company’s particular needs and resources, significantly improving operational efficiency and the budget to be deployed.  

Efficient project management

ERP implementation is a complex project requiring rigorous management to keep on time and on budget. SAP consultants can play a key role in project management, defining clear milestones, allocating the necessary resources and monitoring project progress.  

Staff training

Once the ERP system has been implemented, it is essential to train staff – the “key users” – to use it effectively. At AGENTIL, with every implementation, we provide tailor-made training, which reduces adaptation time and maximizes user adoption of the system. 

Cost optimization

Although the services of a consultant or ERP partner represent an initial investment, a successful implementation led by a company with expertise in its field reduces the risk of budget overruns, costly errors and operational disruptions.  

Ongoing support

Support is not limited to initial implementation. ERP partners can offer ongoing support to resolve problems, carry out updates and adapt to changes in the business. This ensures that ERP remains a valuable resource over time. At AGENTIL, we offer functional and technical SAP support services to support our customers’ growth and needs.  

Reducing risks

ERP implementation involves risks, including delays, configuration errors and compatibility problems. ERP experts can identify and mitigate these risks, minimizing potential pitfalls throughout the process. 

AGENTIL support for your ERP implementation

Our support in ERP implementation ensures successful implementation, customization to specific company needs, efficient project management, staff training, cost optimization, ongoing support and risk reduction.   

SMEs that invest in such support increase their chances of success and improve their competitiveness in the marketplace. It is therefore essential to consider support as a strategic investment in the company’s future.   

AGENTIL has a team of SAP-certified experts with in-depth knowledge of SAP products. These experts are able to guide SMEs through the implementation process, proposing customized solutions tailored to the specific needs of each company.   

The introduction of a new ERP system can entail major changes within a company. AGENTIL helps SMBs manage these changes by providing support in auditing, project management and governance.