IT challenges for companies in the Banking / Finance sector

The banking and finance sector operates in a highly regulated and constantly evolving environment, where technology plays a central role in delivering reliable and secure services. 

Operational stability

Operational stability is an essential requirement for banking and finance departments. IT systems need to run uninterrupted, ensuring the availability of online banking services, financial transactions and day-to-day operations. Companies need to invest in robust IT support solutions, to resolve problems quickly and minimize downtime.

Data security

Data protection plays a central role in the IT requirements of the banking and finance sector. Companies need to guarantee the confidentiality, integrity and availability of sensitive information, such as financial and customer data. IT security solutions, such as SecurityBridge, are effective tools for detecting and preventing potential threats.


SecurityBridge is a cybersecurity solution that helps companies protect their IT systems against cyberthreats. Features include intrusion detection and prevention, vulnerability management, end-point protection and threat intelligence.

Aujourd’hui, les chefs d’entreprise savent que la probabilité que leurs sociétés soient hackées est réellement élevée. Nombre d’entre elles ont déjà été victimes d’une cyber-attaque, qu’elles en soient conscientes ou non. Le RGPD et une vague de législations réglementaires strictes ont renforcé l’obligation de sécuriser les données privées. Ainsi, l’évaluation des risques, les audits et la conformité sont des domaines clés sur lesquels le partenariat se concentre pour ajouter de la valeur aux services offerts aux clients.   

SecurityBridge, solution de sécurité intégrée

SecurityBridge provides real-time threat detection, vulnerability management, custom code analysis and patch management. It’s a single, transparent solution built on a single technology layer.


Actionable intelligence: SecurityBridge is powered by advanced anomaly detection, enabling threats to be detected accurately and in real time. Automated analysis makes remediation simple. Application-layer vulnerabilities, system-level misconfigurations and code vulnerabilities are all continuously monitored to ensure the protection and availability of 3RP systems.

Compliance Management: Ensures that IT controls are continually tested and validated to meet compliance requirements. Recommends measures to ensure audit approval and maintain application compliance.


Real-time threat detection: Threat alerts can detect sophisticated attacks in real time. Threats can then be eliminated and corrected before any damage is done. Internal and external threats (unauthorized modifications, high authorization, data extraction, backdoors, cyber attacks) can all be detected and triaged for remediation.


Code vulnerability management: Control and mitigate operational risks associated with custom code, application and system maintenance, transportation, patching and retrofit initiatives. Custom code can often present vulnerabilities that go undetected, and for which there are no ready-made solutions.

Operational efficiency

Operational efficiency is a key factor in remaining competitive in the banking and finance sector. Companies need to optimize IT processes, particularly in the Finance and Human Resources modules. Customized software solutions, combined with SAP support services, help achieve maximum operational efficiency, by automating repetitive tasks. Monitoring the SAP environment is also a key asset for improving team and system productivity.


Redpeaks Monitoring is versatile SAP monitoring software that helps you proactively monitor system status, detect problems and trigger reactions, while improving your operations through automation.

Redpeaks Monitoring

Redpeaks Monitoring is software designed to monitor and manage the performance, availability and health of SAP (Systems, Applications, and Products) environments.

Redpeaks’ monitoring solution helps companies proactively check system health, detect problems and trigger reactions, while improving operations through automation.

For companies with SAP landscapes of any size, Redpeaks provides health and performance monitoring for this portfolio of SAP products: SAP BusinessObjects, SAP Netweaver, SAP S/4HANA, SAP Business One HANA and HANA DB.

Redpeaks, SAP monitoring solution

The SAP monitoring software, Redpeaks Monitoring, is configured from the outset to cover the most relevant modules and transactions in SAP systems: connections, services, reports, schedules, audit warnings and more.


Increase your productivity: Redpeaks Monitoring enables your team to rapidly optimize processes and operational efficiency. Thanks to real-time monitoring of your SAP environment, downtime is reduced and your team can concentrate on higher value-added tasks.


Optimize your monitoring process: Redpeaks’ infrastructure is designed to handle the complexities and demands of multiple SAP systems at the same time. Our SAP monitoring automation instantly detects anomalies or deviations from predefined thresholds in the most complex SAP environments.


Customize your dashboards: Benefit from the key advantages of SAP ecosystem monitoring: intuitive, user-friendly interface, easy integration and simplified configuration, customizable notifications and reports, and full documentation support. You can refine alerts by configuring Redpeaks and create Datadog monitors directly on metrics.

Regulatory compliance

Companies need to maintain rigorous regulatory compliance when it comes to data management, IT security and financial reporting. Specialized solutions, combined with tailored support services, help ensure compliance with ever-changing regulatory standards.

The AGENTIL team supports you on a daily basis to meet your business issues and requirements. Through our consulting, PMO and Governance services, we audit your processes and guide you towards the right solutions for your project’s success.

In conclusion, companies in the banking and finance sector need to invest in a robust IT infrastructure to meet complex business requirements. Support, security and operational efficiency solutions, such as those offered by AGENTIL, are essential to guarantee stability, security and competitiveness in such a demanding environment.